2019-2020 Peer Mentors for HLLC

The Peer Mentor Program is an integral component of the academic and social student experience at HLLC. All Peer Mentors help ease the transition from their previous institution to a diverse, urban college environment, and assist students through their first two years at RU-N. All Peer Mentors are visible, active, and invested in the development of an inclusive, academically-focused community.

All peer mentors attend a class with their mentees. This time is used to check in and connect with students, either individually or in groups, discuss topics relevant to the college experience, and announce upcoming workshops and events.


2019-2020 Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor Coordinator: Stacy Tyndall

Barbara Uehara

Delon Prince

Carol Disla-Roa

Ashley Figueroa

Tatyana Harold

Albert Reese

Brenda Velarde

Harry Sisco

Viridiana Villasenor

Michael Amankwaah

Jessica Matos

Jose Caisabanda

Lauren Mensah

Chris Cordero

Aaliyah Cobbs (TRANSFER)

Carmelo Ortiz (TRANSFER)

Jennifer Dios (STEAM)

Erik Winter (STEAM)

Yannick Kenfack (STEAM)