The HLLC Peer Mentoring Initiative is designed to help incoming HLLC scholars successfully complete their first year at RU-N. We know that developing strong social ties is critical for the adaptation, persistence, and happiness of students throughout their undergraduate careers. The HLLC cohort creates an immediate social support group during the first essential year as HLLC scholars. Peer Mentors help the scholars establish their social and academic roots within the institution. The HLLC cohort meeting is held twice a month and is led by HLLC Peer Mentors.

The cohort meetings provide HLLC students:

  1. An opportunity to acclimate to the RU-N community and connect with campus resources
  2. A place to learn and practice social, academic, and leadership skills
  3. A safe space for HLLC students to process their undergraduate challenges and successes
  4. A strong, smaller community support group within the greater HLLC community