Considering anew the notions of talent and excellence.

Rally for the 94%

Rally for the 94% by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice On October 27th, I attended a Rally held at the same church that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at 50 years ago to the year. Why? For the 94%. First off, I want to speak as to how the rally was brought to...

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Confessions of A Leadership Coach

Confessions of A Leadership Coach Edited by HLLC scholar, Stephanie Avila, reveals the story of RU-N alumnae, Elizabeth Rodriguez, in her role as a leadership coach for Braven. She describes how people can benefit from gaining leadership skills in essentially any...

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Art & Isms

Art & Isms The Art & Isms podcast series focuses on youth and young adults from the African diaspora as they express themselves through poetry, art, music, fashion, and activism. The podcast showcases the resiliency and activism of today’s generation....

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PBS NewsHour

Watch as Rutgers University - Newark's Honors Living-Learning Community is featured on PBS NewsHour (broadcasted on October 17, 2018) in a featured piece on how we're redefining academic excellence, as our students study critical social issues and prove their...

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Black on Black

Come and join scholars Kristie Dotson and Geci Karuri-Sebina in a conversation about the experiences of being a black student amid issues of race, class, gender, and nationality on Wednesday, April 11 at 6pm in Robeson Campus Center, Room 226.

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Brick by Brick

Listen to the latest Newest Americans podcast about “Brick by Brick.” A collaboration between Artist Adrienne Wheeler, writer/poet Paula Neves, Dr. Tim Raphael and scholars from the Honors Living and Learning Community (HLLC) at Rutgers University—Newark.

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