The Urban Solutions Lab

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What is the Urban Solutions Lab?

The USL is comprised of two unique spaces: The Creativity Studio and the Collaboration Garage.  Each feature easily reconfigurable modular furniture, white boards and push pin boards, and the latest innovative technology.  It is the go-to place for entrepreneurial activity on campus serving as a prosocial and pro-Newark place of innovation and business solutions.  We help people accomplish their entrepreneurship goals.  We teach students skills to drive change in corporations. We engage and support local entrepreneurs.

The Creativity Studio is a classroom and seminar space with long distance learning capability, a smart board, and podcast and videocast equipment including cameras, GoPros, mics, lights, live broadcasting capability, a green screen and post editing equipment.  It also broadcasts camera and audio feed overflow to the Collaboration Garage.

The Collaboration Garage is a hands-on active workspace where students, faculty, staff, and visiting entrepreneurs can gather to collaborate and hash out ventures.  Features lockers for storage, comfortable lounge seating, A/V capability, and free snacks.  Furniture can be configured for solo or group work with some privacy

Students explore ways to remake urban America, developing the social and economic benefits of city life while eradicating factors that contribute to damaging and inequitable environments. Through in-depth research, they learn about opportunities for small scale, community-based real estate development to transform cities and create wealth, and the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field. They also learn about small businesses creation, social entrepreneurship and the production of media that shares stories and advice from local entrepreneurs.

Program and Activities

  • Field Trips to local makers and creators
  • Talk (my) Business Series (lecture series with Entrepreneurs)
  • USL Prosocial Student Stipends/ Internships (pays students to work on their ventures)
  • USL equipment lending (available for short term use)
  • Workshops and Training on USL equipment
  • Podcasts and Videocasts Series
  • Rotating murals and art featuring local artists



Meet the Team

Ted Baker, Co-director and Co-founder of Urban Solutions Lab

Jasmine Cordero, Co-director and Co-founder of Urban Solutions Lab

Engelbert Santana, Dean of Advisement

Alfred Blake, Strategic Advisor

Engelbert Santana, Dean of Advisement

Sadee Brathwaite, Senior Administrator



Organization: Honors Living-Learning Community, Rutgers University-Newark

For more information please contact

Sadee Brathwaite

Senior Administrator

Tel: 973-353-1077