The HLLC Price Humanities Scholars

The HLLC Price Humanities Scholars

What is the HLLC Price Humanities Scholars Program?

The Price Humanities Scholars Program is a curricular pathway for diverse students in the Honors Living-Learning Community interested in pursuing graduate school and careers in the humanities. Named for legendary Newark historian, the late Clement A. Price, a distinguished professor at Rutgers-Newark and funded by the Mellon Foundation. Utilizing a multi-layered approach including undergraduate research, publicly engaged scholarship, innovative courses, visiting scholars, mentoring, and professional development opportunities, a diverse and intergenerational group of HLLC scholars interested in humanities gain exposure to opportunities that will cultivate their interests and increase their likelihood of attending graduate school and entering the professoriate.  


This specialized humanities pathway is embedded within the existing 18-credit HLLC minor. Price Scholars take the first three courses in the program as part of their HLLC cohort provides a framework exploring social inequities and themes related to engaged citizenship. Next, Price Humanities Scholars take several elective courses in the humanities before then embarking on guided research projects and internships in the humanities, culminating in a capstone course research project. Throughout the pathway program, our scholars are mentored by humanists and graduate students, engage with visiting humanities scholars, and visits to national conferences and graduate programs. 

What Does the Price Humanities Scholars Program Offer?

  • Dynamic interdisciplinary courses and seminars,
  • Mentorship
  • Paid research fellowships and internships,
  • GRE Preparation
  • Career exploration and networking opportunities,
  • Support with the graduate school exploration, application process, and more.


Meet Our Team


Macsu Hill, Ph.D.
Director of Special Programs

Timothy K. Eatman, Ph.D.
Inaugural Dean of the HLLC

Melissa L. Cooper, Ph.D.
Faculty Director

Engelbert Santana, Dean of Advisement

Marta Elena Esquilin

Associate Dean

Engelbert Santana, Dean of Advisement

Engelbert Santana

Dean of Advisement






Scholar Nidia Ugalde


Upcoming Events

  • Summer Colloquium, June 3rd-7th, 2024, 48 New St. Room 214
  • Summer Guided Internship, June 10th-July 30th, 2024



What Our Scholars Are Saying


Being a Price humanities scholar is wanting to help and make a better environment for all communities. Respecting each individual in their own light, without judgment for their religion, culture, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc. Trying to create an all-inclusive environment for the future and now, as well as reaching out to those in need of more support. 

Karen Bonilla

English, Spring 2024

To me, being a Price Humanities Scholar means having the opportunity to have guidance and support to higher my education. I want to become a psychologist, so I know going to graduate school is a milestone in my academic career that I will achieve with the help of the Price Humanities Program. 


Mamadee Keita

Psychology, Spring 2024

Being a Price Humanities Scholar means having the opportunity, support, and guidance to better myself through higher education. As a Price Humanities Scholar, I am being offered the possibility of attending graduate school—something no one in my family has ever achieved. Not only will I be achieving goals set forth by myself, my family, and my undocumented community, but I will also be using my knowledge and passion for social justice to try to advocate for those who are marginalized by society. 


Manuel E. Sosa-Garcia

History, Spring 2024



We’re proudly funded by the  Mellon Foundation

Recipient Organization: Honors Living-Learning Community, Rutgers University-Newark

For more information please contact
Macsu Hill, Ph.D., MPH,
Program Director
Tel: 973-353-1089