The HLLC’s specialized pathway programs help build the academic knowledge and essential skills in a carefully constructed program designed to move students successfully through their years in an undergraduate degree program towards a chosen field or graduate studies.

Cultural Citizenship & Engagement (Humanities)

  • This specialized academic pathway that identifies, cultivates and supports HLLC scholars’ interest in public and traditional humanities fields. The humanities can be broadly defined as academic disciplines that help to deepen our understanding of the human condition and experience over time.   
  • Humanities elective courses investigate differences between cultures and communities around the world and across time, consider the ways culture is made and received, or unveil the undercurrents that have shaped history.
  • Scholars pursuing this pathway are also eligible for the Clement A. Price Humanities Scholars Program:
    • Individualized mentoring and support for students with an interest in pursuing graduate school and careers in the Humanities (Professoriate, Cultural Arts Institutions, Educational Institutions, etc.)
    • Paid research fellowships & summer internships, career opportunities; opportunities to present at national and global conferences
    • dynamic interdisciplinary courses and seminars, and individualized exposure to visiting scholars
    • Free GRE preparation and support with graduate school applications

Examples of Course Options Include: 
Africa in Literature & Film
Perspectives in U.S. History: The Civil Rights Movement
Community Filmmaking
Humanities Capstone Seminar
* Course offerings in this pathway vary by semester

ProSocial Entrepreneurship Pathway

The Prosocial Entrepreneurship curriculum is the backbone of a community where you will start learning how to forge your own prosocial path. This will serve you well whether your next step is starting a new venture or becoming a valued employee and leader in an organization seeking innovation. Students in the Prosocial Pathway will be – in effect – cocreators of the new Urban Solutions Lab in the HLLC, set to be at the core of prosocial entrepreneurship in greater Newark. Newark residents in this curricular path are eligible to apply for additional scholarships through the Prudential Scholars Program.

  • Scholars have the opportunity to engage in a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on community-based problems, entrepreneurship, and professional development.
  • Newark Residents – may be eligible for additional scholarship support through the Prudential Scholars Program


Required Courses: 

Braven Accelerator: Developing Networks for A Global Job Market or Marketing for Society
Entrepreneurship Practicum
Urban Solutions Lab Capstone