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A “give-back” to seed tomorrow’s future “give-back” leaders.

We believe that students deserve an accessible and affordable education that empowers them to make a difference in their communities and beyond. We are cultivating the local and often ignored talent in our midst (in Newark and beyond) and honoring the collective knowledge of these young scholars- who possess the innovative ideas necessary to make real positive impact in our communities and our world.

With your support, HLLC can continue to provide its scholars with the resources and opportunities necessary to be the thought leaders within their fields, to impact policy, and to be change agents within their communities and society at large. We welcome contributions from individuals, organizations, corporations, and even local government.  Financial support is always appreciated, but we also encourage volunteerism and in-kind gifts.


HLLC seeks funders, individuals, and organizations interested in supporting several areas, including:


Cohort Models:

Women’s issues, diversity in real estate, scholarship, arts & culture, stem programs and law.


Faculty Development & Pedagogy:

New courses and new thinking to access education; seeing a new paradigm in education access.


Immersion & Internships for Students:

Seeking mentors, and opportunities for internships and/or travel abroad.



Support for new building, including infrastructure, naming opportunities and technology.

“HLLC is a relatively new program at RU-N, and has already engaged with several inaugural funders, including the Ford Foundation, that provided funds to create HLLC’s social justice curriculum, and the MCJ Amelior Foundation, supporting HLLC’s Clement Price scholars. Most recently, funding from the Pussycat Foundation, for a Gold initiative to create a women’s cohort, has benefitted students at RU-N, including several HLLC students.

–Robin Semple, 2017
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Development & Strategic Initiatives Rutgers University – Newark