HLLC Residence Hall

RU-N has made great progress in our ambitious endeavor to realize a key element of our strategic plan and effectively revolutionize honors with our Honors Living-Learning Community (HLLC). Indeed, we are now on the cusp of the HLLC building becoming a reality.

Last spring we identified a developer and architect to create the HLLC building. RBH Group, whose work in Newark with projects such as Teachers Village and AeroFarms is garnering praise both here and well beyond, was selected as the developer and Perkins Eastman, an internationally renowned architecture, design and planning firm, will design the project. Sure to be a new landmark, the 400-bed Honors Living-Learning Community will include residences, classrooms/work spaces, street level retail and parking, as well as a vibrant, open space that will be a gathering place for RU-N students, faculty, staff, and community members alike.

The building will be located on the block bounded by New, Washington, Halsey and Linden Streets, a site that is right across Washington Street from the Center for Law and Justice. Construction is expected to begin in late 2016 and be completed in 2018.

Today, as you know, the HLLC building site is a surface parking lot—the “CLJ” or “#510” lot. While that surface parking lot will be eliminated from the RU-N parking inventory, we actually will be increasing the number of parking spaces available as soon as construction begins with the addition of a new parking deck for RU-N use. Once construction begins, people who currently park in the CLJ lot will be able to park indoors in Deck #3, which is located at the corner of Washington Street and Raymond Boulevard, where there are more spaces than currently available in the CLJ lot. Once construction of the HLLC is completed, we will be adding even more spaces in addition to retaining the Deck #3 lot.  The HLLC complex will include a new parking deck that will increase our parking inventory significantly for the long term, helping alleviate the persistent shortage in the CLJ lot during peak parking hours.

In the coming weeks, campus and public meetings will be announced at which current plans for the HLLC will be shared and feedback sought from the RU-N community and our neighbors in Newark. We encourage all who are interested in the project to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities.